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Me:So what is the name of the Finding Nemo sequel going to be? I LOST MY SON AGAIN?
Jamie:Finding Nemo 2: Let his ass stay lost.
Me:Finding Nemo 2: I'm a bad parent
Jamie:Finding CPS
Me:(quoting Elyse) my son is so stupid he let me babysit and I lost my grandson.
Jamie:hahaha omg
Me:what if the dad goes missing this time because he's old and senile and ironically looking for Nemo again, who is looking for him
Jamie:and Nemo ends up being in the next room the whole time
Me:the dad is shuffling through the house, "where have you been?" "dad I was in the kitchen the whole time"
Jamie:and Dory is the one that actually remembers Nemo's name this time, Marlon will be like, "ELMO, WHERE ARE YOU FABIO, ANTONIO"
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